Alicia Flanagan (she / her / hers)

I'm a licensed independent clinical social worker who has been in practice for over 9 years. I trained in Massachusetts and live and work in the greater Boston area. I specialize in treatment for trauma, depression and anxiety. I have significant experience working with Veterans, pregnant and postpartum woman, immigrants, students, and couples. I'm interested in helping people change by first practicing acceptance of who we are right now, teaching skills to be mindful of the present moment experience.

I use evidence-based practices designed to improve and alleviate negative symptoms of depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, substance use disorders and poor self-image. I approach work transparently, inviting open discussion of my diagnostic impressions and treatment modalities. While homework is not required, between-session work is essential to practice skills in real-life applications to make positive change. Enhancing motivation for between-session work will be part of the therapeutic process.

Most importantly, I try to establish a safe place where people do not feel judged. I encourage people to bring their whole selves into therapy, even the parts of themselves they don't particularly like. We all have these parts and they need compassionate attention.

My office is conveniently located in Harvard Square, Cambridge. The comfortable space is home to many independent psychotherapists committed to making the experience of going to therapy confidential, private, and pleasant.